Stars of the Show: Emily & Luke

Make-up: Seija Richards

Hair: Sammy Sleeman/Kerry Prynn 

Dress: Amanda K Bridal

Church: Budock

Transport: Central Garages

Flowers: Michele Burley-Hodge

Videography: Wendy & Brian

Reception: Falmouth Hotel

Music: DJ in Cornwall

Photography: Chris Symonds

Saturday 16th September 2017

After what seemed like every Saturday wedding I shot this summer rained, by the time Emily & Luke's big day arrived I would say I was pretty used to shooting in the rain. Saturday 16th September rained a lot, nearly all day in fact. I bagged up my cameras in my trusty professional supermarket carrier bag exteriors and tried my best to ignore the rain completely. Today's beautiful couple were Emily and Luke who have been together for 6years after meeting at a mutual friends wedding, sparks flew and the couple fell in love very quickly. I recommend reading Emily's blog posts on the Amanda K Bridal website about that evening and subsequent proposal, It's very lovely and really shows how much Emily and Luke love each other and that Luke nailed a very romantic surprise proposal.

Mr & Mrs Yeo

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Luke was in the parachute regiment when he first met Emily. After being together for a couple of years Luke relocated to Cornwall to be closer to his bride to be. Luke got ready at home with best man Adam and both wore their ceremonial number ones. Luke seemed very calm much like the Paras motto "Utrinque Paratus" (Ready for Anything) and the boys were in high spirits with plenty of laughs, especially seeing Luke using Emily's pink hairdryer. I then visited Emily and her bridesmaids for bridal preparations and the dress reveal, I really enjoy documenting this moment it is so special. Time was definitely ticking and the line between being a little late and Luke getting worried was approaching. Full speed to the church.

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Budock Church


Father of the bride Chris was extremely proud of Emily and slightly emotional shall we say during the speeches, even warranting the careful placement of a wet floor sign to the amusement of everyone. Having a young daughter myself, I totally get it, the raw emotion and love that must be totally overwhelming on the day. A moment I hope to one day experience of walking my own daughter down the aisle and being as proud as Chris pictured here.

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Shooting while we could was the story of the day, every time the rain seemed to be easing we would venture outside only to be caught in the next downpour. Emily and Luke were not downhearted though and we all embraced the rain together for a brief minute or two here and there throughout the day. I can't stress enough that it really rained a lot during this wedding and I hope that the images show other couples that it really doesn't matter, have fun together and I will document the love come rain or shine.


Falmouth Hotel

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I think this image of Luke grimacing is the moment best man Adam, pleasingly told the room about some highly entertaining visions of Army life together that probably should of stayed in the tent referenced . It's always a highlight for me listening to different best man stories at weddings, guarantees genuine laughs and Adam's speech didn't disappoint. 

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Congratulations Mr & Mrs Yeo, thank you so much for choosing me to document your wedding, I loved being a small part of your day.

I hope the images bring you much joy and fond memories from a very special day in Cornwall, September 2017.

Mr & Mrs Yeo

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"Me and Luke have just finished looking through our wedding pictures. And WOW what can we say, they are absolutely amazing you have captured every part of the day so perfectly, and all with such natural smiles and laughter. We both are so overwhelmed with how beautiful they are and cannot thankyou enough. Many thanks" -  Mr and Mrs Yeo

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